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Stars in Space

Stars in Space, a beautifully hand quilted baby quilt is made of soft shades of light blues and a hint of pastel yellow and white features a lovely view of space with stars, the planets, and space ships.  

As your dear little one begins to comprehend his world, he can understand that you have provided him with a source of constant comfort and snuggly pleasure. No one outgrows loving the feel-good sensation of cuddling with something soft and warm and safe. He’ll be able to take his quilt with him to strange new places and always feel sure that he has something safe and familiar to cling to.  

Stars in Space, this unique handmade baby quilt for boys will travel through the washing machine and dryer many, many times, but its good looks and ability to give warmth will not fade. And that’s good, because the baby will seek the warmth of his quilt even as he outgrows his crib. It will be a soft, warm play mat when he tries out his new trucks on the floor.

With a reversible soft baby flannel of a soft solid pastel blue fabric, you will be able to change the quilt by simply flipping it over.

Size is 38 x 46 inches.

Machine pieced for durability. Binding is hand stitched.

This quilt is hand quilted with love for your little bundle of joy by Sharon, The Baby Quilt Lady

Stars in Space
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